Many people wonder what it is we do, since we always answer “We don’t do massage” when they ask. Here are a few words to help you understand from a teacher, mentor and friend Dr. Carolynn Kraskouskas Thompson:

“Integrated Cranial Health(TM) is a different form of body work. We do health different”ich”. We like to eliminate chronic pain and help you understand the methods and time line for getting it done. We have worked with chronic pain for over twenty years. All of our therapists have personal experience with pain and having to live through it and overcome it. We are a facility based in personal and scientific knowledge. Integrated Cranial Health(TM) was founded with the knowledge that pain can overtake our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. We understand that pain is something our nervous system and endocrine system learn to catalog and use. Dr. Thompson has spent years studying the brain and spinal cord and looking at how chronic pain is accumulated.

After years of application, certain manual techniques rose to the surface that redirect a nerve signal. This re-directional attention allows for a nervous system loop supported by the endocrine system to break the loop and let go of the hormonal relationship to the pain. The understanding that any one person can become an expert allows for a place for growth in how we heal chronic pain.

We can work in balance with medications and herbs and we can work without them. It is not whether we use them or not, it is whether they can support the elimination of chronic pain.

Come take a class, read an article or ask a question. We look forward to elimination your physical, emotional, and mental pain tied to trauma and chronic injury.” ~

Hopefully this shines a light on this amazing modality and its core strength. We look forward to speaking with you more, please reach out if you would like to know more about Integrated Cranial Health (TM) and Manual Neurological Therapy.-

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