Acne Therapy by Extractions:   30 minutes only — Includes cleanse, extractions, and after care treatment. $50 ~~please note that for first time patrons the charge is $60, as I spend more time with you to really fine tune your treatment plan~~

Facial Therapy Treatment:   Using only the highest quality organic products your Facial Therapy Treatment will be customized for your individual skincare needs. We will discuss what your skin is in need of and I will put together the best treatment for your skin.

60 min  $85 (includes cleansing, light extractions if needed, and facial therapy)

75 min $95 (includes cleansing, extractions if needed, and facial therapy)

90 min $115 (includes cleansing, extractions if needed, and facial therapy)  

90 min – 2 hours $135

$1/min: the application of Red LED light and Near Infrared Light, at clinically proven wavelengths, aids in rejuvenating and healing the body on a cellular level. This helps repair sun damage, diminish scars,rebuilds collagen, increases antioxidant defenses, and decreases inflammation .

Add ons $15: Microdermabrasion, Fruit or Acid Peel, Facial EmulsionLight Therapy Wrap

Please note that all of the above will be provided via mobile services and subject to the following additional fees:

Orcutt-$10. Santa Maria – $15

North of Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo – $20

South of Orcutt to Santa Ynez – $20

North of San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles – $25

South of Santa Ynez to Santa Barbara – $25

Regions outside of the Paso Robles to Santa Barbara areas will incur charges of $40 or more.