Acne Therapy by Extractions:   30 minutes only — Includes cleanse, extractions, and after care treatment. $50 ~~please note that for first time patrons the charge is $60, as I spend more time with you to really fine tune your treatment plan~~

Facial Therapy Treatment:   Using only the highest quality organic products your Facial Therapy Treatment will be customized for your individual skincare needs. We will discuss what your skin is in need of and I will put together the best treatment for your skin.

60 min  $85 (includes cleansing, light extractions if needed, and facial therapy)

75 min $95
(includes cleansing, extractions if needed, and facial therapy)

90 min $115
(includes cleansing, extractions if needed, and facial therapy)  

Add ons $15: Microdermabrasion, Fruit or Acid Peel, Facial Emulsion

Light Therapy Wrap $1/min: the application of Red LED light and Near Infrared Light, at clinically proven wavelengths, aids in rejuvenating and healing the body on a cellular level. This helps repair sun damage, diminish scars,rebuilds collagen, increases antioxidant defenses, and decreases inflammation .

Neural Palpation Facial: A facial therapy that begins with the patron in a prone position for the first part of treatment. We will  prepare the Neurological system by engaging the spine. The continuation of the facial is done in supine position, encouraging augmentation of your skin and bones through intra-oral mouth work. I do this to refine and guide the areas of tension to release and lift. This leaves you with a more balanced facial structure and encourages tightening and lifting of your features. This is a more substantial treatment, which leaves your facial structure and skin renewed and redefined. (This facial includes cleansing, light extractions if needed, Neural Palpation Therapy, and facial therapy.

90 min – 2 hours $135

Please note that all of the above will be provided via mobile services and subject to the following additional fees:

Orcutt-$10. Santa Maria – $15

North of Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo – $20

South of Orcutt to Santa Ynez – $20

North of San Luis Obispo to Paso Robles – $25

South of Santa Ynez to Santa Barbara – $25

Regions outside of the Paso Robles to Santa Barbara areas will incur charges of $40 or more.