As someone with a long term sports injury to my neck, followed by a 6 year battle with stage IV cancer, I needed some gentle relaxation and healing vibes! Wholeistic Fruition Wellness have been the perfect people for the job! None of that elbows jabbing at “knots”, irritating nerves and causing added tension! They use gentle maneuvers that help ease/release stress and pain! If you carry stress tension in your neck, jaw, or between the eyes… this folks can fix you up! Extra bonus that I can go in my running shorts and a tank top, making it perfect for even the most modest women!

Wholeistic Fruition Wellness folks are in constant “learning mode”, keeping up with the latest techniques and information on how to assist you with the healing process. Their personalities are warm, and comforting, plus their products smell wonderful with the high quality organics used.

Niki K. – Orcutt, CA