Andreea Saileanu-Martin, CMT, ICST, MNT, LAe, Reiki Practioner

Andreea found Body Therapy at age 19 and immediately knew the passion of her life would be in healing people.  She is known for her integration and use of several Western and Eastern modalities.   Each session is individually and personally created, utilizing her skills to achieve balance and freedom from pain in the individual.  As she continually educates herself, her practice focuses on integrated Nutrition and Neurological release.  She believes we all contain the innate capabilityto heal and uses an intuitive approach to create the ideal environment for your body to unwind.  She is aware and knows how to flow through Limbic release on the emotional and mental plane of the human being.  She can connect these releases through the nervous system so that an individual can truly leave their “stuff” behind them and the pain connected. She understands the neurological loops that can be built through unhealthy thoughts and works with the spinal nerves, cranial shifts and foramen within the skull to allow the body and mind to let go and move away from debilitating thoughts and chronic pain.  She is a gifted teacher and trains laymen and massage therapists in the field of Integrated Cranial and Earth Connected-ness to further personal and professional health and wellness.

Her own skincare issues pushed her to further her education. In 2001 she completed her Aesthetician schooling. Since then she has gained knowledge and experience to bring you an Organic Skincare Therapy experience. She strives to use only the purest ingredients to further benefit your whole body. Her Skincare Therapy brings the science and holistic approach together, where you see visable and realistic results in your skin.

Andreea is also attending School to become an Herbalist. With this Degree she is educating herself and her patrons on the way to treat the body as a whole.

In her spare time Andreea loves the outdoors and barefoot hiking. This spurred her to begin a subsidiary of her business called “UnEarth Wellness”, where she brings all of her knowledge to an outdoor setting. Join her on one of her excursions where she helps you find your own inner peace!

She hopes to hear from you soon!

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